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There are a number of books and articles written or co-written by Mark and Helen that outline our counselling and personal growth methods. We also publish an annual Newsletter.

Mark's articles can be downloaded from his academic website: 


Expressive Arts Therapies - Working with mind, body and emotion. Theroy and Practice.
by Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson
Available from the Australian distributor: Footprint Books at:  Ph: 02 9997 3973
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in the UK 2009
Emotional Healing & Self-Esteem - Inner-life Skills of Relaxation, Visualisation & Meditation for Children and Adolescents
Mark Pearson JKP, UK., 2004
Emotional Release For Children - Repairing The Past, Preparing the Future
Mark Pearson & Patricia Nolan JKP, 2004
Sandplay & Symbol Work - Emotional Healing & Personal Development for Children, Adolescents & Adults
- Mark Pearson & Helen Wilson ACER Press, Vic., 2001
Available direct from the publisher: ACER PRESS:
Ph: 61 3 9277 5447 or go directly to the ACER PRESS website:
PAST PUBLICATIONS - Now out of Print:

Pearson, M. (1991). From healing to awakening:  An introduction to transpersonal breathwork.  Valley Heights: Inner Work Partnership.


Pearson, M. and Nolan, P. (1991). Emotional first-aid for children: Emotional release exercises and inner-life skills.  Springwood: Butterfly Books.


Pearson, M. (1997). The healing journey: A workbook for self-discovery.  Melbourne: Lothian Books.



Pearson, M. (2003). Guidance officer and counsellor perspectives on using expressive therapies to support students. Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 13(2), 205 - 224. Available from: 


Pearson, M. (2011). Multiple intelligence and the therapeutic alliance: Incorporating multiple intelligence theory and practice in counselling. European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling, 13(3), 263 - 278.

Available from:

Pearson, M. & Wilson, H. (2008). Using expressive counselling tools to enhance emotional literacy, positive emotional functioning and resilience: Improving therapeutic outcomes with Expressive Therapies.  Counselling, Psychotherapy and Heath, 4(1), 1 - 19.  

Available from: 

Pearson, M. and Wilson, H. (2008). Opening doors to a safe haven Creating healthy family landscapes through Expressive Therapies. PACAWA Newsletter, 42, 4 - 5. Available from: 

Pearson, M., & Wilson, H. (2009). Using expressive arts to work with mind, body and emotion. Psychotherapy in Australia, 16(1), 55 - 64. 

Available from:


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