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Carl Jung (1964) stated that no textbook can teach psychology; one learns only by actual experience. Completing the Expressive Therapies course provided an experiential learning environment that assisted me to reconnect with my intuitive wisdom which now guides my academic knowledge in my psychological practice.

- Carol Farnell - Psychologist, Expressive Therapist - Brisbane

The combination of consistent focus on self healing within the framework of sound theory, extensive integration and support, has resulted in measurable change. The integrity of the teaching, the absence of ego, the emphasis on balancing the aspects of holistic humanity, (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), the environment of emotional safety, theexperience of the facilitators; the proven course format;the concepts of a strength-based philosophy and the notion of learning by doing; these are some of the attributes that make this course life-changing both personally and as a therapist.-

Georgie Hovey - Counsellor and Therapist - Victoria

A time of awakening to myself, finding an energy and enthusiasm for life that I've not experienced before I embarked on this journey of self-discovery through Expressive Therapies. It's been the hugest challenge of my life, but well worth the effort. And the journey has just begun....

- Jo Glenday - Workplace Trainer - Sydney

Working with children through the processes of Emotional Release and Sandplay has proved extremely effective. Tapping into emotions and imagination enables children to 'tell their stories' in powerful and healing ways.

Hazel Jeremy, Co-ordinator, Lifeline Family Support Programme, CAIRNS

I have found this to be a tremendously exciting and rewarding course involving an ongoing process of theoretical development and experiential learning in which personal and professional development is inter-woven in an immensely satisfying way. Mark and Helen provide a safe, supportive environment in which participants undertake a transformative personal journey that simultaneously develops highly effective therapeutic skills."

Dr Jenny Campbell, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, QUT, BRISBANE

"The course was experiential, transformative and creative. ET for children and adolescents is one of the most authentic and effective healing tools that I have experienced."

Primrose White, Psychologist,
Convener of APS interest group on Child Psychology,

Thank you for the introduction to Sandplay - the gentle way you as facilitators approached our learning, I believe, had a huge impact on how excited I am to have knowledge of this therapy. I have used it with a few of my young clients and the impact it has had on them is incredible.

- Carol Long, Centacare.

I want you to know that your training changed my work practice and also my life practice. The biggest thing I learned was to trust the process.

- Katherine Soper

The course last week was fabulous!

- Margaret Smeaton, Dept. of Juvenile Justice.

Thanks for the excellent sandplay course. It was an extremely beneficial experience for me, both from a personal and a professional perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed the highly professional and informative, yet relaxed and collegial facilitation.

- Fiona Pienaar MIT, New Zealand.

The course was very helpful. I like the way it was presented> It is an excellent programme to use with children. I liked its flexibility.

- Peter Shaw, Classroom Teacher, Gympie

The trainer had a relaxed manner, gave us time to participate but also kept the group going. The Facilitator’s Guide was very clear and the Student Workbook well setout. There is a great need for this.

- Kerri Keppel, Visiting Special Education Teacher, Queensland.

The course was thought provoking and motivating. I can see relevance to my work in the classroom and am eager to begin with my students. The programme had good progression and flowed easily.

- Debby Garret, Primary Teacher, Gympie

Prior to doing this workshop I was aware of some of the techniques – music, drawing, relaxation, visualisation, etc – this programme put them all together. Tahnk you.

Bernice Webster, Advisory Visiting Teacher, Queensland

-Fiona Pienaar MIT, New Zealand.

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